The Rabbit Shepherd

English Angora and Jersey Wooly Rabbits

Updated 3/29/2012                                    Bunnies came into our lives when we moved to the country over 20 years ago. We were looking for chickens to raise and went on many road trips we called "chicken runs". On one of these trips a farmer showed me a litter of black and white spotted mini lop babies. Well, there was this really cute one that I had a very hard time resisting.  Floppy came home with us and lived here for 9 1/2 years. Even though we held her and showered her with attention, Floppy hated to be picked up. This was really hard on the children when they wanted do showmanship with her in 4-H.

Justine decided that she wanted something fluffy to show and so we went on the hunt for an angora rabbit. There was a local breeder that rasied English Angoras, Rosemarie "Bunny" Turley and she sold us a black doe that Justine named Licorice. This was the start of our show winning line that we still show today. Justine showed in 4-H winning Best in Shows at the fair and at the Fall Festival. She then moved on to A.R.B.A shows were she won many youth Best in Shows, BOS at the A.R.B.A. Convention twice and was #2 in the country in the Sweepstakes for two or more years.

My son Elliot showed a variety of dwarf breeds, Hotos, Jersey Woolies and Netherland Dwarf which he enjoyed. I was always the caddy and driver and never competed but always loved the angoras and woolies. When it was time for Justine to go away for college, she picked out a beautiful black doe named Lucine for me. This was my first Grand Champion. Her daughter was my first Best in Specialty Show and the line comtinues to this day with many Best in Show, Best Reserve, Best 4 Class and Grand Champions.

We have always strived for strong body types and beautiful, silky, easy care wool with broad, flat faces and heavy furnishings. Over the years, we have added additional lines to improve length of wool and longer lasting coats. There are many of our rabbits behind the pedigrees of Grand Champion and Best in Show English Angoras all over the United States and Canada.